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The companions of the Prophet long-lived (in goodness and continuous reward) because they love death so much. Strangely, people who love death will have a long life. While people love life, their life is short. This article articulates the meaning of “longevity” from a different perspective.

Happy longevity means happy to add knowledge, glad to add charity, delighted to strengthen friendship, delighted to add charity, and delighted to add fear of God.

While as caring parents we always advise children to turn off light switches

Yes, that’s it. That is the meaning of longevity Whatsapp Mobile Number List that we must cherish and be grateful for. Still, being able to live is an incredible blessing. But unfortunately, people rarely appreciate it. They consider life to be an ordinary everyday pleasure.

As a result, many are not thankful to God for still being alive. Rasulullah SAW taught us to recite this prayer as soon as we wake up from sleep, Meaning: “Praise is to Allah who has given us life after taking it away, and to Him we will be returned.

Being able to wake up from sleep and live again daily must be thanked

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This is so because sleep is, is half of death. How many B2C Reviews human beings sleep at night but not to waking up again because their end has arrived? However, the way to be grateful for the blessings of life is not enough just to read a prayer.

But what is more important is to use the blessings of life by God’s purpose in giving us life. So use life to fulfill the trust as a servant of Allah and caliph on earth. So use age to perform worship — whether special, general or sunnah worship.

Uphold the law of God in every area of life, whether at the level of self, family, organization, society, and country. Cherish this age in line with the purpose God gave it!

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