How To Live A Long Life Before we dive

How to live a long life? How was your view on the purpose of life? Regardless what is your opinion, here is what is taught by Islam: The purpose of living here (the world) is to cultivate crops for the harvest.

As Muslim believers, our purpose should go beyond this life and be prepared for the afterlife. Whenever celebrating a birth anniversary, the appropriate greeting is not “happy long life” but merely “happy short life.

This is because God has set the time of a person’s death since we are in the mother’s womb. That is, the more days, the closer we move toward that destiny. Meaning, day by day, the shorter we live. Yes, today, we are one step closer to the date of our death.

They know the meaning of life They see the purpose of death

The Sake Of Remaining Life However, death is not the Latest Mailing Database end. Death is the beginning of a life that will never end forever – that is, life in the hereafter. Live here (the world) cultivates crops for the harvest to live there (the afterlife).

That is the purpose of this mortal life, for the sake of the remaining life. Dead to live? True, because death in this world is the fact of eternal life in the hereafter. Then, what are the means by age? Age is simply the rotation of a measure on the cycle of the moon and the sun, which is drawn by the hours, minutes, and seconds of a watch.

The Secret Of Long-Lived People The secret of the success of such long-lived

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Age is relative. But this does not lead to the B2C Reviews scientific debate on the Theory of Relativity of Time by Einstein. More critical is that longevity and shortness of life are not quantity but quality.

Similarly, Umar Ibn Aziz ruled for about two years only, but his superiority over the Umayyads’ Caliph led longer than him, either before or after him. Therefore, prolonging life is by extending charity, knowledge, and service.

Property, for example, can prolong life if donated or endowed. So let the property be charity. The rewards will continue as it exists. Morality can also prolong life too, that is, by connecting the cords of friendship.

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