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From Ahrefs’ free website traffic check tool. FURTHER READING Spy on your competitors how do you do it link building Congratulations! Your article is finish. and in order to improve its ranking in searches. you ne to build links. . Ahrefs’ free backlink check One of the most common activities in link building is to check your competitors’ backlink profiles to see who they link to first in order to reverse-engineer their strategies. and you’ll get the top backlinks pointing to that page. Ahrefs Free Backlink Detection Tool The next step is actually to contact the referring domain. such as and ask them if they would link to you. In our example. we only have backlinks. but you can also see other important metrics like total backlink and domain count. referring pages. most common anchor text. to build links is to engage in dead link building

Looking back. we can see that the

Contains a lot of links. copy it and then have those who link to the dead page link to your page. You can check by using our free broken link checker . Simply enter your competitor’s domain name. click “Check Links.” and then go to “Broken Inbound Links.” Here. you’ll see the top broken Whatsapp Mobile Number List pages for your target and which pages link to them. Ahrefs free broken link detection tool. From here. contact those pages and ask them if they would link to you. FURTHER READING Broken Link Building The Complete Guide . Ahrefs’ SEO toolbar . you visit from checking rirects and broken links to switching SERP positions. Typically. these SEO tasks usually require four to six plugins to achieve. but we use one tool to solve them all.

Through Ahrefs’ SEO tool

Export Links section is very useful for various use cases. A. Find the broken link Broken links lead to a bad user experience. To find them. just click on the “Status” drop-down menu and select “Broken.” Here. it looks like the German version of the website is experiencing B2C Reviews a server timeout error . meaning the page fail to load in time. Therefore. it may not be crawl by search engine bots like ours. some broken export links were detect. B. Check whether the page link is export through follow or no follow . When investigating link potential. you may want to check the ratio of follow to nofollow outgoing links. This will help you understand what your chances are of actually getting link authority.

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