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That include the change to video thumbnails in. April and then the recent removal of. HowTo rich results and heavily reduced visibility of. FAQ rich results. Much of the discussion around Google SGE of late, and. CEO Sundar Pichai’s vision for the future of Google, seems to be evolving away from the idea of 10 blue links in the next decade. Though Illyes pointed out those 10 blue links. Have been the only stable element on the. SERPs over the past 25 years of Google’s existence. Illyes also noted. Google launches lots of “shiny things” that. SEOs focused too much attention. He advised being careful about planning on a long-lasting. Strategy around search features. “You want to rely on 10 blue links,” Illyes said. You can do that by writing like a human would and including associations within your content, Illyes said. Why we care.

There has been some speculation

The removal of HowTo and FAQ rich results from. Google Search is not in anticipation of the full launch of the. Google Search Generative DB to Data Experience, according to Google’s. The shift to AI-powered answers in SGE.  “The ultimate goal is not for AI. It is to make results that look clean. We’re not freeing up space for x or y,” he said today at Pubcon Pro in Austin. Search results simplification. One of the three key points of emphasis in Illyes’ keynote was that Google has been removing SERP features that Google users didn’t use or find useful.

New websites fail in many ways

DB to Data

Use Google Search Console Google Search Console keeps. Improving and will give you diagnostic information directly. From B2C Reviews Google. Here you can track: Indexing. Sitemaps. Page experience. Mobile usability. Products. Enhancements. Links. If you have problems, the information here can help you track and remediate them. SEO failures in website redesigns are, in our experience, nearly always down to a lack of planning and a clear and well-articulated SEO plan for the new site. Ensure that SEO is factored into the website redesign process, and you can launch your new site confidently.

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