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But you will do it. Because you have Rebekah Beks expert guidance Now lets write the title Any title format will work Checklist Best Protein Powders Every diet For for Building Muscle in How To How to Choose the Best Protein Powder for You Tutorial Best Protein Powders Steps to Choosing the Best Protein Powder Commentary Is there really the best protein powder Science says no Review Powder Compare Optimum Nutrition vs MyProtein Which is the best protein powder But remember for most websites the most important source of traffic is Google .

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Format that sounds best. You should choose what searchers are actually looking for so you have the best chance of ranking. How can you do it Look Phone Number List at the current top-ranking pages in Google for your target keyword and check the dominance angle. You can see the top three Best Protein Powders list. Be aware though that Googles search results are personalized based on factors like your location and search history. To solve this problem use Ahrefs SEO Toolbar in an incognito tab to simulate searches in your target country and language.

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Phone Number List

Headline depends on your topic. While an article about the best protein powders works best with a list-style title a how to title is more appropriate B2C Reviews  for the article youre reading. Your topic may require a review. It all depends on the search data. PRO TIPS If the title you wrote doesnt match the angle of the content in the search results consider whether you could change the angle with minor edits. For example you can quickly turn a tutorial into a checklist by changing a few words Write your best headline six steps ways to write a good title .

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