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Telegram, the popular messaging app, uses a unique and straightforward format for user identification known as a Telegram number. This number serves as a unique identifier for each user and plays a crucial role in connecting with friends, family, and colleagues on the platform. In this article, we will explore the format and usage of a Telegram number with an example.

Format of Telegram Number:

Heading: Decoding the Structure

A Telegram number consists of two main components: the country code and the user’s phone number. For example, a user in the United States would have a . Telegram number with the Vietnam Telegram number Data country code “+1” followed by their ten-digit phone number.

Example: +1 123-456-7890

In this example, the country code is “+1,” indicating the United States, and the phone number is “123-456-7890.”

Usage of Telegram Number:

Heading: Connecting with Contacts

Telegram Number Data

A Telegram number is essential for connecting with other users on the platform. When adding a new contact to Telegram, you must enter their Telegram number to find and connect with them.

Example: If you have a friend with the Telegram number “+1 987-654-3210,” you can add them to your contacts by entering this number in the Telegram app.

Verifying Your Telegram Account:

Heading: Securing Your Identity

When signing up for a Telegram account, you must verify your phone number to ensure a secure and authentic user experience. Telegram sends a one-time SMS code to the provided phone number, which the user must enter to verify their account.

Example: If you are signing up for a Telegram account with the phone number “+44 7890-123456” and receive an SMS code “123456,” you enter this code to verify your account.

Privacy and Visibility Settings:

Heading: Customizing Who Can See Your Number

Telegram provides users with various privacy options regarding their phone numbers. Users can choose who can see their phone number, such as everyone, only contacts, or nobody.

Example: If you want to limit the visibility of your phone number, you can set your privacy settings to “My Contacts,” ensuring only your saved contacts can see your number.

Account Recovery:

Heading: Retrieving Your Account

In case you forget your Telegram account password or get locked out, you can use your registered phone number to recover your account. Telegram will send a recovery code to your B2C Reviews phone number, allowing you to regain access to your account.

Example: If you forget your Telegram account password, you can recover it by receiving a recovery code on your registered phone number, which you can enter to reset your password.


Telegram numbers play a vital role in connecting users on the platform, securing account verification, and customizing privacy settings.

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