Perfect picture design requirements

There are free image editing tools at the bottom: 2. Precise keywords to filter spam traffic Highlight selling points readability easy to understand Perfect picture In line with the local language habits – writers from local countries conduct a team Keyword infringement detection High quality header layout: A: Brand name core keywords core selling points sub-core keywords + product attribute features and selling points range of usage scenarios) Luxillia magnetic eyelashes with eyeliner Natural Look, Magnetic Eyelashes Kit with Tweezers, Easy to Wear B: Brand name + main keyword

These selling points should best solve

Function introduction b: Function introduction c: Function introduction d: Set + material introduction (usage scenarios) e: After-sales commitment: (can improve conversion rate) warranty time/problem consultation The five-point description is also called the Five Elements Selling Points, which is the realization of the selling points of our products. Therefore, the five-point description should highlight the selling points of our products. the core pain points of Phone Number List  customers buying this product! We can use the review analysis function of Seller Genie to analyze our competitors’ review trends and product pain points.

The Chinese and English comparisons

Phone Number List

You can see that the rise time of the evaluation is directly analyze here, as well as the summary description of the evaluation. You can also filter here. are more friendly to novices. 4. A+ Is there an A+ that has a very high conversion B2C Reviews  rate for our links? Here I can share with you. Through testing, I found that the A+ conversion rate of the full picture is higher than the A+ combination of pictures and text.

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