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Digital marketing budgets are often low, especially for local businesses that provide small-scale services. Therefore, it is very important to obtain the highest benefit at low cost. You can appear in Google local search results and increase your customers without making any payments or owning a site for your local business. Of course, companies that have the opportunity should use all digital resources together. Google My¬† That is, owning a website, managing social media accounts professionally, Google and Social Media Ads, Video Content, etc. Let’s get started! What is Google My Business? What’s the use? Google My Business is a free Google product developed to increase the visibility of large and small businesses on Google and Google Maps.

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In this way, you have the chance to be listed in Google search results without the need for a website. By adding your business to Google My Business, you can increase your visibility among both customers and Google. Of course, you need to verify your business before performing these transactions. If Google My you are working with an SEO expert, he will already do this job on your behalf, but if you are faced with the task, we recommend that you read our article carefully. It is extremely important, especially for regionally based local business owners. There are businesses that have achieved serious business potential just based on the map results.

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What’s the use?

You can also analyze from which sources people reach you with great analytics. One way to be successful in local SEO work is to optimize your my business account well. Additionally, you have the opportunity to manage comments written by people for your business. Your company may be a hospital, pharmacy, pastry shop, cafe, restaurant, educational institution or shopping centre. In any case, it is important for you to verify your my business account and manage your location. google map result How to add a company to Google my business? From desktop computers, you can go to , log in with your Gmail account, add the workplace and perform the verification process. The only exception is if you are an AdWords customer, they may attempt to contact you to offer assistance with your AdWords account.

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