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At their core, detective films. Whether classics like ‘All the President’s Men’ or more recent works like ‘Spotlight’ or ‘The Post: The Pentagon Files’, the magic is in seeing professionals driven by vocation put together the necessary clues to put together a complete story. In this same tradition is  ‘she Said’ in its original title, Twohey, the two New . York Times journalists responsible for uncovering the rape accusations against Harvey Weinstein. The giant Hollywood producer  launch the careers of figures like .


Quentin Tarantino and Brad Pitt. The producer is in fact the third figure with the most thanks in academy speeches, after God and Steven Spielberg and  to 20 years in prison (for now, his sentence may increase), for the 87 accusations of rape  between New York, Los Angeles and London. SHE SAID MeToo movement, and has given rise to much more open conservation in Hollywood. Reviewing how her story was told reminds us of two things: The systematic problem  Telegram Database that still exists that allows . Powerful men to take advantage of women they can boss around, and how powerful and useful journalism can be when given the time. of telling stories. by Taboolayou may like .

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The  photo of Letizia, affectionate with her lover Jaime del Burgo behind Felipe’s back But beyond the importance of the story it tells, the truth is that without the two central . Performances it would not work as a dramatic piece. Carey Mulligan gives her Megan Twohey the conviction of a journalist who knows that it is important to tell these stories B2C Reviews even if they do not have the  effect. Twohey also  Donald Trump’s sexual harassment scandal in 2016 and the Republican still won the presidency and Zoe Kazan gives a youthful energy to her Jodi . Kantor, who is the one who finds the first clues to investigate the case. The individual performances, and the easy chemistry between the two journalists, is the main driving force of the film.

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