For their SEO related tasks

Compare its performance to Google Cloud’s APIs for text analysis, content transformation and more. Sharing button. . GPT-4 and its chatbot. ChatGPT, have gained significant popularity in the past year. APIs from long-established providers like. Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and. AWS for over a decade, many search marketers. Prefer generative AI models. For their SEO related tasks. Overview How people discovered you In the Overview section, you scroll down to see two other important pieces of information: How people viewed your profile. The keywords people used to get to your listing. Comparisons are only available for completed months. Views show how many unique people saw your.

Business Profile on Google Search and Maps

With a breakdown between desktop and mobile. Users can be counted a limited number of times if. They visit your Business Profile on multiple devices and platforms. Like desktop or DB to Data mobile and Google. Maps or Google Search. Viewed-gbp It’s also interesting to look at the keywords people used to find your Google Business Profile. The Searches metric is updated at the beginning of each. Month and shows the search terms people entered to show your.

Business Profile in search results

Search terms Updates can take five days to show up, according to Google. Calls Calls show all calls made from your Google Business Profile. This obviously would only measure B2C Reviews those calls. On mobile devices made by people using the click-to-call button. On your profile. This number would not include. People on desktop devices who manually enter your phone. Number into their phone to call you. One thing to remember is that the Call. Back on a few months later. Since then, the number of missed calls by weekday or time of day seems inaccurate. I’m not sure if this is something that Google is going to eventually fix or not.

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