What is a framework: explained in simple words

Theoretically, any digital product can be written in pure code, but no one has done this for a long time (except for special unique cases). Ready-made solutions and libraries have long been released for each popular language. Developers do not need to “reinvent the wheel” – they can assemble it with their own hands from ready-made and semi-finished factory parts. In other words, they can use a framework – a ready-made working environment for development that offers the use of a ready-made structure and set of tools. All that remains is to adjust the product to the explained in simple needs of the business. What is a framework to understand what a framework is , it’s best to come up with some colorful example. Imagine that you need to build a house. Before purchasing materials, hiring workers and laying bricks, you need to do preparatory work.

What is a framework explained in simple

Plans and drawings are created, the type of foundation is selected, and communications are thought through. But everything can be made simpler. You take ready-made drawings. Don’t like the pipe layout? Do you want to make an office instead of Phone Number List a nursery? All this is possible, although the foundation and general concept of the layout remain unchanged. A framework is a standard, ready-made solution for development. It helps to build a standard project architecture that is proven in practice and effective. At the same time, developers are free to adapt this architecture to the needs and tasks of a separate project. You don’t need to think that a framework is a constructor (otherwise it would be no different from ready-made engines for websites, for example). Rather, it is a set of rules that helps build application logic.

How does a framework differ from a library?

This simplifies the solution of basic tasks: ensuring uninterrupted operation of the database, building mechanisms for user registration, session support, and so on. Framework is a software framework that helps simplify the development process. But this B2C Reviews environment will require custom-written code that matches the logic of the product. Why do we need frameworks? Most often, frameworks are used for web design and creating web applications. They are suitable for both simple websites and large corporate products with complex logic and extensive functionality. You can also develop software and various applications using frameworks . The main task of the framework is to help correctly build business logic and organize work processes.

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