How does a marketing agency determine advertising

It may sound very obvious, but it all depends on the client’s objectives. How does a the industry and the investment that the company is willing to make. Below I will share some of the criteria to consider for different scenarios. Awareness objective If the company requires campaigns. The objective of generating greater brand awareness. Some of the main KPIs that. I would recommend monitoring would be: Impressions. Number of times your ads have been displayed. Reach number of people who have viewed the ads Viewing percentage. In the case of video campaigns, platforms like Google.

Engagement objective a marketing agency

In the event that the company wants to carry out campaigns. How does a that connect with its community. The KPIs to take into account would be. Reaction per post C Level Executive List average number of reactions obtained per post. This allows you to quickly analyze the type of content with which. The audience connects most with the brand. Comments per post : average number of comments per post. With which you can measure the content that makes the audience more likely to. Share their point of view and debate about it. Shared per publication : average number of times shared per publication. Which will tell you what type of content. The audience likes the most, to the point of wanting to share with their friends, feeling more identified.

Prospect Target

If the company wants to carry out campaigns to generate commercial prospects. How does a he KPIs to take into account would be: Leads. Number of prospects B2C Reviews generated in a period of time. Lead quality although this is a little more subjective according to each company. It is advisable to establish criteria that define what a quality lead is, for example an MQL (Marketing Qualified Lead) or an SQL (Sales Qualified Lead). Clients : number of clients generated . A period of time thanks to advertising campaigns. Cost per lead : investment made between leads generated for a certain period of time. This will help you a lot to have a historical parameter of whether. Your efforts are improving or becoming more expensive. This will also allow you to carry out your annual planning. Based on this data to determine how to reach your business objectives.

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