Sunoco Partners Marketing & Terminals Lp Phone Number

Sunoco Partners Marketing & Terminals LP, a prominent energy company with a widespread presence in the United States, requires a readily accessible phone number for individuals seeking to engage with their services or inquire about their offerings. In this article, we will provide the Sunoco Partners Marketing & Terminals LP phone number and offer a brief overview of the company’s operations.

Sunoco Partners Marketing & Terminals LP Overview:

Sunoco, often referred to simply as Sunoco, operates as a well-established energy company specializing in the refining, marketing, and distribution of petroleum products. Their vast network of pipelines, terminals, and storage facilities efficiently serves various markets across Netherlands phone Number Data the country.

Phone Number for General Inquiries:

To obtain information about their services or make general inquiries, interested individuals can contact Sunoco Partners Marketing & Terminals LP at 1-800-786-6261.

Customer Service and Support:

Terminals LP prides itself on providing exceptional customer service and support. For assistance or questions related to their products or operations, individuals can call 1-800-786-6261 to speak with their friendly representatives.

Job Opportunities:

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Terminals LP actively seeks talented individuals to join their team. Those interested in potential job opportunities can directly contact the company’s human resources department at 1-800-786-6261. The company is committed to fostering a diverse and inclusive work environment.

Investor Relations:

Terminals LP ensures transparency with its investors and regularly provides updates on the company’s financial performance. Investors or shareholders can obtain information or assistance by contacting the investor relations department at 1-800-786-6261.

Safety and Emergency:

Safety remains a top priority for  & Terminals LP. In case of safety concerns or emergencies B2C Reviews related to the company’s operations, individuals are urged to promptly report by calling the dedicated safety hotline at 1-800-786-6261.


Sunoco Partners Marketing & Terminals LP plays a pivotal role in the energy sector, providing reliable petroleum products and services.

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