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There’s a lot to consider when it comes to content marketing excellence: audience. intent. format. design. ROI. and more. We are please to showcase the excellence across these content characteristics of our winners and finalists in the 2017 Content Marketing Awards. Content Marketing Excellence Inspired. Which were just announce today. With over 1.100 entries across 93 categories. our 90 judges were impresse by the creativity. quality and passion seen in the submissions. We will be introducing many of these winners in the coming months. but these six key themes

Emerge from several standout programs

Excellence comes from storytelling that goes beyond products and services By using your Special Database content to eucate your readers or offer advice on topics they care about . you can establish conversation points and build trust. That trust can turn into interest in your product or service. It takes guts (and sometimes persuasion for executive naysayers) to deviate from writing about the product or service you know best. but it also has to appeal to an audience outside of the product or service. Sometimes it doesn’t work. If it’s done right. the rewards are great. eitorstahl says use content to eucate your readers about topics they

Care about and build trust

CMWorldClick to Tweet Take HBF. Western Australia’s oldest and largest private health insurance B2C Reviews company. Last September. the company develope its first content brand. Direct Advice 4Dads. It avoids the crowde maternity. Market and identifies gaps in pregnancy. And parenting content aime. At newexpecting fathers (who. by the way. may nee new or better health insurance for their growing families). did. Direct Advice – Dad – Example DAD’s tagline – real-life advice. flair. nonsense from dads who have been there. done that. and wears spit-up T-shirts – reflects the fun. intense. and emotional content . [email protecte] creates content that is fun. intense. and emotional. says eitorstahl. CMWorldClick to Tweet Using a blog and social meia strategy. the brand generate 171.000 unique visitors and 21.000 followers on Facebook in the first five months and continue to grow. garnering meia attention and drawing

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