How to add validation for phone number in html

Adding validation to a phone number input field in HTML is essential. To ensure that the user enters a valid phone number format. Without validation, users may enter incorrect phone number formats. Which can lead to issues down the line. Here’s how you can add phone number. Validation to your HTML form in. Use a regular expression. Regular expressions are a powerful tool for validating user input. They allow you to define a pattern that the input must match to be considered valid. For phone number validation. You can use a regular expression that matches the expected phone number format. Here’s an example of a regular expression for a US phone number with area code.

This regular expression matches phone numbers

In the format of  can modify this regular expression to match the expected phone number format in your country. Add the pattern attribute to the input field. To use Paraguay Mobile Number List regular expression for phone number validation. You need to add the attribute to the phone number input field. The attribute should be set to the regular expression that you created in the previous step. Here’s an example of how to add the attribute to the phone number input field.

Add a validation message When the user enters an invalid

Phone Number List

Phone number format, you should provide feedback to let them know what went wrong. To do this you can B2C Reviews add a validation message that is displayed when the phone number input field is invalid. Here’s an example of how to add a validation message.You can customize the validation message to fit your specific needs.

Add JavaScript validation. While using a regular expression is a good start, it’s not foolproof. Some users may try to bypass the regular expression by entering non-numeric characters or other special characters. To catch these edge cases, you can add JavaScript validation to your HTML form. JavaScript validation allows you to run custom code to check the phone number value and ensure that it is valid. Here’s an example of how to add JavaScript validation.

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