Why did my phone number change to email

It is not clear from your question what you mean by your phone number changing to email. However I will provide an answer based on a few possible interpretations of your question. If you mean that your phone number is now associated with your email address. It is possible that you updated your account information with a service or app that requires a phone number for verification purposes. In this case, you may have entered your email address and phone number in the same field. Or the service may have automatically associated the two pieces of information with your account. This could be the case if you received an email notification or confirmation that your phone number has been linked to your email address.

Alternatively if you mean that you are now receiving

Emails at your phone number. This could be the result of someone else entering your phone number Anhui Mobile Phone Number List the email address field when sending a message. It is not possible for a phone number to receive emails in the same way that an email address can. But it is possible for someone to send an email to a phone number by using a special email-to-SMS gateway. This would require the sender to know your phone number and the specific gateway associated with your carrier.

If you mean that your phone number has been replaced

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With an email address on your account or profile. This could be the result of a data entry error or a deliberate B2C Reviews change made by someone with access to your account. For example. If you have a social media account or an online directory listing, someone may have edited your profile to replace your phone number with your email address. Alternatively, if you recently changed phone numbers and updated your account information. It is possible that you accidentally entered your email address in the phone number field.

If you are unable to resolve the issue on your own. You may need to contact the customer support team for the service or app in question to get assistance.

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