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Often the accounts you buy advertising from have been growing their accounts for years. They know how to create effective posts, make videos and pictures, add promotional texts to them, etc. You shouldn’t do it yourself, but you order the so-calle service of influence leaders. Definitely let them do the “creative” work, I believe they are much better at it than you. Don’t always choose the biggest names influencer marketing Surely you have seen big Instagram accounts. In the Estonian sense, we are talking about 30,000+ followers here. It’s not always influencers right away. It is completely free to start lower.

You can find a lot of advertising

First of all you can test in your marketing plan in a much safer way, it is significantly cheaper and very often the results are much better (number of followers whatsapp mobile number list and engagement ratio). Smaller accounts have a stronger connection with their followers. on very large accounts, and the followers of that account may be use to it. Review your results Be sure not to focus only on the parameters you set before the start of the campaign . In addition, see how you got traffic to the page, how many sales or contacts came.

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The necessity of such marketing

Write down all the results, then you will have reference B2C Reviews points the next time you do a campaign with a new influencer. What works better and what doesn’t work so well. You know what problems to avoid next time, marketing with influencers is a long-term job. Make a list of all influencers Make a list of different influential leaders. Try to get as many accounts there as possible. Write down their account name contacts number of followers etc.

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