Productivity Will Increase When We Are Thankful

Perhaps we have been told many times that we should be grateful for every gift. This is often quite difficult to do when we are in trouble. However, do we know that gratitude can multiply productivity? The effect of gratitude on productivity has been proven by various studies.

This includes one where participants who keep a gratitude list (gratitude list) are more likely to make improvements to important personal goals. Within two months compared to subjects in other experiments.1 And when your Lord said:

His mouth will not be full except filled with sand he will never be satisfied

Indeed! If you are grateful, I will surely increase Database My favors to you, and for real, if you disbelieve and disbelieve, My punishment will be very severe.  Surah Ibrahim verse 7 How beautiful this promise is and how motivating it is!

When we are happy, we are grateful and it will make us inspired. And in difficult times, we are grateful and we will be able to overcome challenging situations. Abu Suhayb Ibn Sinaan has narrated that the Prophet SAW said:

How miraculous is a believer; there is good for him in every thing, and this quality is unique to him. If he gets something good, he is grateful, then he becomes good for it. If he has trouble and he is patient, he will be good to him  Muslim Being grateful gives us the positive spiritual energy we need to overcome life’s challenges.

Muslim So let’s use this feeling of gratitude to enjoy what we have instead of regretting


Furthermore, it inspires us to work harder for Him. The B2C Reviews Prophet SAW always prayed until his feet were swollen. When asked why he prayed like that when he had been promised heaven, “Shouldn’t I be a grateful servant?

Bukhari Finally, gratitude helps us overcome greed. Greed can cause us to pursue false ideals that do not benefit our lives or multiply our productivity. Anas bin Malik narrated that the Prophet SAW said: If there were two valleys of gold for the son of Adam, he would dream of another (valley).


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